Kee Projects, one of the leading innovators in automated Material handling industry, are known for their highly detailed design and implementation of Pipe Conveyor Systems. Offering superior handling and transport facilities for a varied range of grade of material, these Pipe Conveyor systems are load-tested in grueling real-world scenarios to guarantee perfect functioning even under duress, and the most stringent conditions. Pipe Conveyors from Kee Projects find extensive usage in multiple industries, handling high-density building materials, mineral ores and even equipments in bulk. When the load is this varied, the stress placed on the material conveying systems is also extremely high, making specialized custom-material conveying solutions an absolute necessity.

This is where the extensive RnD and years of expertise in making stable, economical and efficient Pipe Conveyor Systems come in for us. At Kee Projects, we guarantee minimal spillage and transit wastage, low emission levels, customizable incline levels and customizable vents for feed and discharge. Most importantly, we also ensure minimal power consumption for our Pipe Conveyor Systems to ensure reduced overhead costs and an environment-friendly setup, allowing plants to bring down their carbon footprints. Be it an existing layout, or an absolute redesign of material handling channels, our Pipe Conveyors places minimal requirements on available space, while delivering the improved efficiency and faster results.