Cross Country Belt Conveyor systems often span across considerable distances, over topographical differences and impediments. At Kee Projects, we believe that any cross country belt conveyor system is only as strong and efficient as its weakest link, so we strive to achieve perfect automation for our systems. Long Distance belt conveyors need to deliver a divergent range of loads or varying weights across long distances, so the systems are always vulnerable to surface wear and tear, and need reinforced axis-points and replaceable idlers.

Kee Projects understand the need of securing optimal automation for long-distance conveyor belt designs. Our material handling systems evolve according to the changing needs and demands of individual businesses, thereby greatly reducing system depreciation, upkeep and maintenance and replacement overheads.

Delivery systems for long distance Material handling and Material movement platforms often demand a high degree of customization across various delivery models in challenging topographies. The challenge in designing tough and enduring Cross Country Belt Conveyor Systems, often, is to accommodate these customizations within a specific design that is efficient, economical, depreciation-resistant and most importantly, fast, while keeping a strict monitoring schedule to detect malfunctions. At Kee Projects, we focus on automated regulation of tensioning, delivery route planning, belt width planning and optimal distribution of belt loads by installing multiple intermediate drives to ensure a smooth, glitch-less and stable delivery of materials on-the-go. These innovations have allowed us to become a preferred partner in numerous prestigious national and international projects