Kee Projects insist on securing optimal automation, where our material handling systems evolve according to the changing needs and demands of individual businesses. Conceptualizing, design, delivery and deployment of In Plant Belt Conveyors form a huge part of our Material Handling solutions, greatly reducing business overheads and streamlining system designs. Designed to suit a plethora of business needs and requirements, our In Plant Belt Conveyors find application in various plant and factory ecosystems. We deliver Conveyor systems for troughed, sidewall-based or Pipe Conveyor systems (among others) with superior connectivity and industrial-strength linkages to multiple chute channels with custom diverter gate design to regulate material transport.

Meant primarily to handle, deliver and transport industrial-grade bulk materials, our belt conveyors are also customized to a great degree to suit precision delivery and small-scale load delivery equipment. Our core interest in building fully- and semi-automated material handling solutions is furthered by our vibrant team of veteran engineers, technicians and industrial designers with years of experience in designing and customizing In Plant Belt Conveyor system solutions.

Our conveyor belt systems are designed to handle various load scenarios, including special adjustments to handle abrasive, oil/grease-based loads and even hot materials of varying weights, to cover the widest range of customer requests and specific needs, proving once again why Belt Conveyor systems from Kee Projects are synonymous with pioneering quality.