At Kee Projects Ltd., our Ship Loaders/Unloaders are designed by an award-winning team of industrial engineers and fabricators to deliver a highly-focused, two-pronged advantage on other harbor equipment fixtures – enhanced handling rates and speed, and greatly reduced maintenance and repair overheads. Harbor equipment often needs to be precisely engineered to custom-specifications, to ensure sustained efficiency in multiple operating conditions. Unlike most other material delivery platforms, harbor material handling systems feature loading/unloading systems that are constantly exposed to the elements.

Here, the depreciation sustained due to climatic exposure is often coupled with routine abrasion and wear-and-tear sustained from loading and unloading material of heavy loads. Ship Loaders/Unloaders manufactured and fabricated by Kee Projects ensure a list of innovative and efficient features that not only deliver efficiency and faster loading/unloading rates, but also enhanced safety and security in all operating conditions, both in commercial seaports as well as inner harbor workshops.

To enable optimal loading and unloading to and from Cargo holds, our Ship Loading/Unloading systems feature a combination of fixtures and rails, comprising of slewing, luffing and optional booms (telescopic and retracting) that allows our systems to maintain faster delivery times and achieve a greater degree of mechanization and automation into the process. Our systems include Bulk Loaders and Bag loaders for loading, as well as solutions featuring grab, bucket-chain, screw and barge unloaders for cargo unloading systems, offering an unmatched combination of versatility, efficiency and economy.