Design, fabrication and manufacturing of premium quality stackers/Reclaimers are an extremely important part of the Material Handling product portfolio at Kee Projects. Every bulk handling unit, from those using generic designs and ranging to those with specifically customized fixtures and load capacities, are thoroughly load-tested with multiple load capacities to ensure absolutely uncompromised efficiency during real world deployment. Stacker/Reclaimer systems manufactured by Kee Projects are known for their load-handling pedigree, and high modularity.
This allows the aforementioned stacker and reclaimer systems to be used for a large number of industries, and also allows full compatibility with most of the aftermarket equipment installations and fixture parts. Over years, Stacker/Reclaimer systems manufactured by Kee Projects have found application in many prestigious projects, in industries ranging from Power, Steel, mining and mineral ore industry.

To ensure maximum efficiency while handling heavy loads in these industries, our stacker and reclaimer systems are controlled by an innovative and highly modernized PLC control technology, allowing for a fully mechanized and automated operation. Popular stacker systems built by us include Radial stackers, circular stacker/reclaimer systems, fixed, twin boom and linear travelling stacker systems. Similarly, Portal reclaimers, bucket wheel reclaimers and bridge-based reclaimers have seen their fair share of popularity in national, as well as international industries as part of award-winning projects.