Securing maximum operational efficacy and quality has been a cornerstone for Kee Projects, and this refusal to compromise in efficiency is visible in our industry-leading turnkey material handling systems. We ensure that our automated turnkey material delivery systems not only increase efficiency within any section of a complete supply-chain management structure, but also rules out agencies like human error, oversight and loss due to mishandling. Customer needs for turnkey material handling systems are often greatly varied, ranging from independent mechanical, structural and electrical systems to combination systems calibrated according to specific requirements.

At Kee Projects, we deliver superior technology at innovative, cost-saving designs for various material handling and delivery systems that are stress-tested for multiple cycles in real-world deployment scenarios. Using these scenarios and various degrees of load-testing, we guarantee high standards of efficiency in material handling. This covers the initial conceptualization stages, manufacturing and commissioning , including layout assistance, control-system deployment and equipment service.

Our award-winning core design and engineering teams consist of veteran experts in the field of designing cutting-edge material handling solutions. This makes Kee Projects an automatic choice for high-capacity customised turnkey material handling systems for various needs,