Your demand for a modernized, automated and efficient apron feeder system to handle the most gruelling mineral processing needs end here at Kee Projects. Featuring a state-of-the-art heavy-duty roller installation and industrial strength hydraulics, our apron feeder systems are capable of handling the heavy loads without compromising on time taken to execute individual delivery cycles.

The apron feeder systems are built to last, featuring ruggedized and durable roller setups that minimize regular abrasion, and automatically lubricated chain setups that retain optimal tensioning during delivery cycles. In fact, the solidity offered by apron feeder solutions from Kee Projects automatically result in longer stretches of uninterrupted functioning, lesser maintenance overheads and greater operational flexibility, as it offers better deployment scenarios across different operating conditions (could be installed almost anywhere).

Apron Feeders manufactured by Kee Projects reflect the design and engineering expertise of a team of nationally and internationally certified experts, who also specialize in customizing the apron feeder system to suit specific onsite conditions. Featuring an advanced hydraulic take-up system (that ensures sustained tension in chains) and fully mechanized lubricated rollers that can withstand high impact points, these units are ideal for heavy usage under minimal surveillance. The high degree of modularity of the system also allows operators to easily replace worn-down aprons, chains and rollers from the take-up system, resulting in a highly-conditioned and extremely efficient system.