High capacity Impact Crusher systems from Kee Projects are valued as much in the mineral and ore processing industry for their strength, as well as for the high degree of versatility they offer. At Kee Projects, we fabricate, manufacture and install extremely durable and compact impact crushers with excellent crushing power, which also saves on installation space and maintenance overheads. Our impact crushers could be easily customized with aftermarket fixtures and equipments to meet specific load requirements.

Operating these impact crusher systems is also extremely easy, featuring external controls, standard power unit that drives the crushing hammers and rotor adjustments and a simple layout of inspection doors and hatches to ensure zero maintenance hassles. The compact size of our impact crusher systems, coupled with our success with offering unique and modular system configurations attuned to specific customer needs also ensure that they continue offering the power of standard impact crusher systems, while being ideal of on-the-go deployment and portable installations.

Impact Crusher configurations from Kee Projects have found extensive application in multiple prestigious national and international projects, from a wide range of industries. These industries include mining, ore processing, road and railway development, building materials and even the power industry.