For mining, ore processing and building and construction material industries, Kee Projects offer an excellent selection of Steep Angle Conveyor/High Rise/Conveyor systems that are easy to operate and have been proven to be extremely economical mineral processing solutions. Our Steep angle Conveyor/High Rise Conveyor systems have been load-tested in real world deployment across multiple slope configurations to guarantee absolute system stability and efficiency in different usage conditions.

Besides the obvious ease of usage and maintenance, our conveyor systems also facilitate higher savings and better performance over conventional truck-based material transit systems. Our Steep Angle Conveyor/High Rise Conveyor systems can be configured to transfer materials across a varying gradient within one common installation. This improves material transit rate and cycle times, cutting down on delay resulting from erratic collecting, arrival and departure that are so common with traditional truck-based systems. The one-time installation cost for these systems is also quite a few times lower than cumulative truck haulage costs, resulting in a more economical operation and, most importantly, one that could be completely controlled internally from a centralized console.

Add to this reduced energy consumption, comparatively shorter haul length, optimal modularity that ensures multiple viable installation points and a largely automated system that does not depend on labour irregularities, and Steep angle Conveyor/High Rise/Conveyor systems from Kee Projects come out as a modern, innovative and economical solution for the next century.