We are manufacturers of premium, export quality vibrating screens that are fabricated to address diverse levels and types of mineral processing needs, for clients handling both national and international projects. The hallmarks of our product line for industrial vibrating screens are great modularity, versatile operation features, ease of deployment and usage. We ensure that every vibrating screen that is designed, manufactured and fabricated by Kee Projects is completely compatible with standardized components and fixtures as they are conventionally available, and we also supplement this with our own line of equipment, spares and fixtures.

However, as our vibrating screen systems are widely deployed and installed in different building material and mineral ore industries with different load consistencies, we also offer degrees of customization on our existing vibrating screen systems. This not only helps our products address the exact demands of very specific industries, but also allows customers to get a particular consistency and level of coarseness through faster processing cycles.

The most popular types of vibrating screen configurations manufactured by Kee Projects include rotating, or circular motion vibrating screens and linear motion vibrating screens. With specific advantages attributed to both these types of screens (like linear motion vibrating screens offer a greater surface area for processing, resulting in a greater better uniformity throughout the process of stratification, while circular motion vibrating screens offer faster rates of stratification), our products offer that perfect blend of great economy and solid performance.

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